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Cash Clicks Now is perfect for ANY Money Making Opportunity You Are Currently Working...even JVzoo and ClickBank products!

Our email traffic is unlike anything available on the market and we do business differently. With over 40,000 new leads coming into our data base every week we can assure high opt in rate on most business opportunities. We also have the ability to segment our data so our leads NEVER see your offer more then once. This means we can promote your offer week after week without a drop in optin rates,

Cash Clicks Now conversion rates are higher than most because we bring in fresh leads every day, plus we never show the same ad twice to ANY order. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE... Our clicks are delivered on a consistent day-to-day basis until your order is completely filled!

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Some advice and comments so we continue to have HAPPY customers...

- We WILL NOT promote a sales page, all traffic must be sent to a landing page with an optin form.

- Optin forms that are complex...multi-stepped or request phone numbers KILL conversion. Think before submitting them!

- Make sure your optin form is single OPT in --- Double optin forms will see up to 75-90% lost leads. Sorry some people may mislead you but we want to be honest. We will most likely turn your order down if it contains a double optin.

- Our data and our list is our business, this is what we do. We may decline to promote offers we think will diminish the value of our list and thus our service to my customers. We will not promote any offer that promotes gambling, or offensive materials.


We truly respect the trust you've given us. Unlike any other "Pay-Per-Click" service, we have our own link system. Once your ad has been seen by our list ONE TIME they will NEVER see your ad again. With our commitment to adding thousands of new leads into our data base each and every day, we are thrilled to be different and serve your ads without a reduction in conversion rates OR duplicate opt-ins. We want you to become a repeat customer!

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- 100% Traffic From English speaking countries... These people buy the most.

- We even provide a custom tracking link so you can see first hand the quality and quantity of your delivered clicks.

- We never short change your traffic quantity or quality.

- Real traffic NO BOT, NO SCAMS - Quality Always.

- Fast, safe and GUARANTEED delivery, most orders delivered in 1-3 weeks of schedule date...Regardless of size.

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We can even provide a detailed, custom report at no charge, so you can see first hand the quality and quantity of your clicks.

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